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Can you imagine going to your friends' house and seeing those beautiful cloud-shaped flower arrangements? Some hung, others in the form of a bouquet, and...

What a craving! Surely, you start to think... “How I wish I could make my house look like this”.

Well, today we want to share with you some ideas so that you can make your own flower arrangements with Gypsophila.

Here are 3 beautiful ideas for flower arrangements with Gyps and also combinations with other types of flowers that will look great at your house.

Gypsophilas and Lavender  

Whether in bouquets or in vases, this combination will look spectacular at any time and space. Why? Because these two flowers make an incredible couple, on the one hand, lavender means 4 qualities in particular: freshness, purity, silence, and calm.

Along with the innocence of the Gypsophilas, the freshness of lavender will stand out even more and will make your spaces always look impeccable.

In addition, you will get an incredible aroma that impregnates the entire space.

Try it out,  and then tell what you think about this idea.

Gypsophila and daisies the perfect combination

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see a Gyp? You will most likely feel tranquility, harmony, and purity. 

Now, let’s do the same exercise with the daisies. If you start thinking about them, what do you feel? Happiness? Vitality? Purity? Delicacy?

Undoubtedly, they are emotions related to these beautiful flowers. When you combine them, you manage to give more prominence to these feelings.

The perfect match for your home and your workplace. 

Gypsophila with candles

If you want to create a special feeling at your spaces, you can add a candle to your floral arrangements. Candlelight is a symbol of peace, tranquility, and love. One of the attractive features of the candle is the extraordinary lighting that can make the environment pleasant, especially at beautiful nights. 

A great idea is to put the Gyp flowers inside a transparent and elegant vase with water for an additional touch of purity and movement to the arrangement. Now let’s give it a touch of light, the best way to do so is by placing a floating candle on top.

BONUS: Gypsophila in a vintage cage

If what you want is to keep your feelings pure and also make sure that your tenderness, your innocence, and your delicacy never escape your world, it is time for you to make this arrangement.

Want to make your own floral arrangements with gyp?

Visit the main page of Malima where you will find white and dyed gypsophila, and other flowers such as green dianthus, trachelium and Lysimachia for your flower arrangements.

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