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MALIMA is a producer and exporter of cut flowers, founded in 1990. It’s located in Cuenca, Ecuador, in the Paute Valley at 2,200 meters above sea level. Over all these years, we have cultivated and exported various flowers. However, in the cultivation of Gypsophila, we have achieved a prominent position in all markets. We believe in specialization and know we are the best at what we do. We are aware of the responsibility this carries and strive to offer the best quality and service to our customers.

In recent years, Gypsophila has increased due to its versatility, generous vase life, and growing use as a focal product. Additionally, we have identified a trend towards consuming dyed Gypsophila, especialtly in the European market, where Malima maintains a leadership position thanks to its high quality and extensive color portfolio. Malima is present in more than 37 countries across three continents, with a leading position in various markets. Our most robust presence is in the European market, accounting for over 60% of our sales, followed by America and Asia with sales shares of 28% and 12%, respectively.

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