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The flowers that appear in spikes and have a spur on the back are the most beautiful; They can be blue, pink, red, purple or...

Do you know which are Delphinium flowers?

It is a very tall and leafy plant up to 1 m high with many leaves and flowers in a long and dense cluster, perennial, with rhizome. Its colors can range from intense and bright blue to violet, and from pink to purple, or mixed all. Its large flowers are 3-5 cm in diameter and the leaves with a long petiole.

You can use them for decorations in bouquets, vases, inside your home, table centerpieces and much more.

Here you will find 21 ideas to use your Delphiniums as you prefer

  • As interior decoration: you can use them in a natural way by placing them in a vase with water to maintain their life span once they are cut.
  • It is common to use them as a complement in bridal bouquets: you can use them with other flowers or alone, making them look wonderful.
  • Use them as centerpieces in your home or at family gatherings.
  • You can plant them; we recommend you to get information about their habitat and care.
  • If you are organizing a wedding and you need to decorate with flowers, Delphiniums are the best choice, they provide a natural color and a touch of color to your events.
  • If you like artistic photography, a way to have very original photos is to use
  • Ornamental use: they are the best flowers to decorate patios, orchards or gardens.
  • Social, symbolic or ritual use: it is very common to use these flowers in parties, processions, floral carpets.
  • In funerals: it is very common to use them for funeral wreaths where the color provides elegance and their durability allows them to remain fresh.
  • For weddings: accompanied by other flowers providing elegance in the events.
  • Decoration of gastronomic photography: complementing your food photos being a complement of freshness and naturalness.

In our farm we produce flowers for export such as the beautiful Delphinium, leave us your recommendation and look us up on social networks for more ideas for your bouquets and uses for your flowers.

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