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Fresh gypsophila flowers are great for decorations or bridal bouquets, creating a softening effect. It is the perfect element for unforgettable events....

The wedding day has arrived, it is your most special moment, but you are missing the Bouquet!

Don’t worry, we are going to recommend you one of the most used flowers in bridal bouquets.

Planning a wedding is not an easy task, among the main topics are: the guests, the reception, the food to be served, the decoration and, of course, the bride’s trousseau, where the beautiful bouquet of flowers cannot be missing.

The story goes that the bouquet of flowers was a way for couples in love to send secret messages hidden in the bouquet that only they could find as proof of their love.

Nowadays, it represents a tradition where the bride carries in her hands a beautiful bouquet of flowers that complements her bridal entrance at the altar.

Bouquet designs vary according to the taste and style of each bride. Today we will recommend you one of the most special, versatile and long-lasting flowers called Gypsophilas.

Our Xlence Gyps are long-lasting natural flowers. The plant measures between 90 and 120 cm, and has numerous clusters of small flowers 3-10 mm in diameter with five white petals. In addition, the bouquets can be combined with other flowers such as Delphinium or Green Dianthus, achieving a unique, natural and beautiful bouquet for your wedding day.

In our farm, Gypsophila flowers are grown to the highest quality standards. We are exporters of flowers worldwide and our flowers are in the best stores and florists in the world.

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